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FruitOne is committed to our people and their development.

From the pioneering efforts of Dr Dennis Boyes at Henley in the early 1960’s, to the expansion into Hoedspruit in the 1990’s and the entry into joint ventures and long-term contracts in the new millennium at Mariveni and Dinaledi, development has always been the key focus area. This is best reflected in the way FruitOne and its joint venture partners do business together.

FruitOne believes that the development of agricultural communities is key to food security and this in turn alleviates poverty. The Fruitone team sees the vast potential in sustainable rural development.

FruitOne firmly believes in the empowerment of its employees; not only through financial means, land ownership and mentorship programs, but also through promotion and wider responsibilities given to people on all levels, creating a sense of ownership throughout the business.

FruitOne provides seasonal and permanent employment for a large community of people in South Africa. Workers share in benefits such as training and development which are offered in association with various institutions. These  development programmes and projects are directed towards all workers and their families, including seasonal workers, irrespective of their worker status.

Fringe benefits such as a provident fund scheme, funeral benefits and medical aid scheme are being introduced to various levels of employees.
Training and career planning are initiated for each permanent worker, ensuring that workers have a clear vision and are able to plan their future in the group. Continuous training and development is done to ensure that workers are equipped with the basic skills for the next level for which they might qualify.

Social and other benefits are offered to the large community of people working within the group, including health care and housing for both permanent staff and temporary workers. A new housing scheme is in progress that will offer good facilities for temporary seasonal workers.
Relationships with our hosting communities are built in order to create trust and security. This applies especially to seasonal workers and is executed in practice through new developments with different fruit, different regions and different seasons in order to ensure longer working periods for seasonal workers who are in need of prolonged contracts to supply them with a more stable source of income.

Learnerships are an important part of the programme to aid workers in getting a formal national qualification combined with their practical skills. Learnership programs are extended to include unemployed community members to improve employability.

Training, skills development and transfers, upliftment and asset development are all words that really mean something on the Fruitone farms.

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